Working at GAT Industries

We are a highly specialised, family-run company that offers its employees a modern work environment built on trust. We run a three-shift operation producing a wide range of parts, using the latest generation of CNC machining centres. Our automation extends to operator-free robot technology. We are valued by customers across the world for the high quality we deliver and for our wealth of experience in producing unique parts, which almost no one else can offer.

We foster a friendly work environment characterised by openness, fairness and integrity, and place great confidence in the abilities of our employees.

Our doors are always open to quality-conscious people who contribute ideas and can work as part of the team to help us improve. A collaborative attitude is important, as is flexibility and creativity. When priorities change, it’s important to be able to think on your feet.

  • # Only the best for our employees

    Our CEO loves technology. That’s why have highly specialised machinery with the latest CNC machining centres from HERMLE.

  • # Collaborative ethos

    We allow and enable everyone to take responsibility and contribute to decision-making and development. Our lines of communication are short, and our organisational structure is flat.

  • # We love open communication

    Everyone can play their part, by offering critical and constructive suggestions and ideas to take our progressive company forward.

  • # Training and development

    We are an approachable and experienced team, and we are always happy to share our knowledge. We offer our employees personal and professional development opportunities.

  • # A safe workplace

    We are highly motivated and have been growing continuously for 20 years years. We're a bit like a family, we look after our people and offer secure jobs.

  • # We pay extremely competitive wages

    For people who make an active contribution and are able to deliver quality, we offer above-average earning potential.